This is one set of Essential Fly Fishing Tools, exactly what you see in the photo, including the card in case you are giving as a gift.

You will receive one 5" pair of fly fishing forceps and one 2" fly fishing nipper with chain.  These are both stainless steel and made with precision and meant to last!  Both of the items also have a built-in fish hook eye-cleaner to free the eyelet of grasses and grime.

Use the forceps to pinch off the hook barb, for hook removal and for other misc. tasks on the water.  The nippers are to trim fly line and tippet.

These clip perfectly on one of our lanyards and make a fabulous gift set!

Essential Fly Fishing Tool Set - $12.00 

This tippet holder is designed to clip right on one of our lanyards.  It holds 3-4 tippet spools so you can have them conveniently available.